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Over the last 1.5 days the most common question is "Will there be more stretch goals". The simple answer is no. Lots of people will ask why not, but I for one think its a good thing - here's my take. There's a team at MCDM that has spent a large amount of time and energy working on getting us to this point. The team has fulfilled several big Crowd Funding Campaigns and has general idea what it entails from both an effort and time stand point. They set the primary goal for core books out to 2025 because its realistic. They set up 2 stretch goals that they would like to do, but would require more money and importantly more people. These stretch goals are not to deliver a product in 2025 but to start developing a product. They do not have to compete or synchronize with the primary campaign goals. People are used to campaigns piling on stretch goal promises to give them more for their money. This can be a great way to increase the value proposition. In my experience the more stretch goals a campaign has the longer it takes to fulfill and the more likely it is to never deliver. Making more stuff, taxes the resources and systems that will deliver on the primary goal. Offering more 3rd party (think shirts, minis, maps) would increase the logistical time and complexity for the production team and/or pull focus from the art team. We did it. Its going to be a great campaign to follow for the 1.5 - 2 years. I do not expect Matt will go out and buy a yacht named Somnium Tenebris or install a roof top pool deck at the office with additional funding; but instead MCDM (the company) will shore up the commitments they have made so far and invest in the product lines of the MCDM RPG for the future. Lots of great things can still happen with the extra money but historically its gone back into products one way or another.





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