Beyond the Beasts: Monster Cards for Endless Adventures!

Beyond the Beasts: Monster Cards for Endless Adventures!

"Beyond the Beasts" offers diverse decks of monsters for 5e, fostering dynamic encounters without rigid Challenge Ratings. Each deck contains adaptable statblocks, rich lore & environmental details, enabling GMs to easily create such encounters.
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Welcome Adventurers, DMs, GMs, and Story Tellers!  

Prepare to elevate your TTRPG encounters to the next level with these meticulously crafted decks! Immerse yourself in a realm where every card becomes a gateway to unparalleled storytelling and thrilling encounters. Each card is designed to unveil the essence of the monsters you'll encounter on your quests.

With "Beyond the Beasts," bid farewell to tedious referencing of books and welcome a new era of seamless gameplay. Picture this: flipping through a deck to uncover not just stats, but a comprehensive glimpse into the very soul of the monsters themselves!  Dive into their strengths, vulnerabilities, lore, and more - all elegantly laid out for you.

Say goodbye to mundane encounters and hello to an immersive journey where every card holds the key to unlocking awe-inspiring adventures! Unleash your creativity, weave epic tales, and let the "Beyond the Beasts" cards be your guide to endless, unforgettable escapades in the realms of fantasy! 

Kobold's dwell in their warrens hidden and secluded, trusting few including each other.

"Beyond the Beasts" aims to empower Dungeon Masters and players alike, fostering creativity and spontaneity in your D&D sessions. With these cards, you'll expand your repertoire of monsters, infuse depth into encounters, and unlock a world of limitless possibilities for your campaign!
Cards come pre-folded and measure in at 4.25" tall by 5.5" wide to improve legibility, and by having the card's folded it offers flexibility in how they can be used. Some GM's may simply place them on the table in front of the party, while others may have them over their GM Screen allowing the art work to be prominently displayed. 

Inside of the card when unfolded

Exterior of the card (art is flipped around here for ease of viewing)

Check out some reviews we've received from other creators and hear what they had to say about these cards. If you want to learn more about them, just click on their names and it will take you their content as well.

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Each of the decks available in "Beyond the Beasts" offers a unique selection of creatures tailored for different levels of gameplay and thematic encounters.

Humanoid 1

Unleash your party's potential with "Humanoid 1," a curated collection challenging adventurers within levels 1 to 8! Encounter bandits, cultists, guards, and more, offering diverse encounters to ignite lower-level campaigns. It's not just foes; it's the gateway to thrilling challenges and strategic encounters! 

Humanoid 2

Raise the stakes with "Humanoid 2" as the battles intensify for levels 9 to 16! Face elite warriors, formidable mages, and leaders of sinister organizations. Dive into complex tactics and greater challenges, shaping higher-level campaigns into epic showdowns of wit and might!

Undead 1

Feel the shiver down your spine with "Undead 1," a haunting collection for levels 1 to 8! From skeletons to ghouls, these eerie foes set the stage for atmospheric encounters, perfect for lower-level campaigns seeking a touch of the macabre. It's not just undead; it's a symphony of chilling encounters!

Undead 2

Embrace dread with "Undead 2" as parties ascend to levels 9 to 16! Encounter liches, wights, and revenants—formidable adversaries that embody fear and challenge. It's not just foes; it's the embodiment of terror, shaping higher-level campaigns into unforgettable battles against the supernatural!

Beasts & Constructs

Harness the primal and mechanical in "Beasts & Constructs" as parties of varied levels collide! From savage animals to magical constructs, this deck offers diverse combat styles and challenges, ensuring encounters are as varied as they are thrilling!

Giants & Monstrosities

Experience the might of "Giants & Monstrosities," a deck dominating with colossal beings and monstrous titans! Encounter hill giants, griffons, tatzelwurms and more, as parties seek epic encounters with gargantuan foes and monstrous entities. It's not just battles; it's clashes against titanic forces!

If you've read this far thank you for taking interest in the project and in us in general. In 2022 we started an actual play homebrew Podcast called "The Hebridian Tales" and while the show has grown, it actually revealed that we love content creation and want to share our philosophy of improvements with other tables. And now to introduce the team we bring you:

Content Creators

  • Eric - Multi-Hatted Monster - Since the inception of our show, he has been our dedicated Dungeon Master, skillfully guiding our adventures. Beyond his role at the gaming table, Eric also takes on the critical task of overseeing and managing most aspects of our business operations.

  • Caitlin - Lore Crafter -  She plays a pivotal role in shaping the lore of our project. Her expertise in world-building and storytelling ensures that every aspect of our endeavor maintains a consistent tone and voice, resulting in a cohesive and immersive experience once it's completed.

  • Chris - Monster Hunter - He has been a dedicated contributor to our project for a considerable duration. His expertise extends to crafting lore and conceptualizing various monsters, seamlessly integrating them into the rich tapestry of our show's world.

  • Paul - Giant Hunter - He's been around since we started, and has contributed in a variety of ways since; however, his skills in tackling the larger prey and mythology from across the world has proven quite invaluable. 

  • Valerie - Queen of Digitization - She joined in Chapter 2 of our show, but has been playing online using Virtual Tabletops for years. Now she is using that experience to concocts the various battlefields, lairs and digital assets we're offering. 


Shout Out

Huge Shoutout to John with Dumbest DnD for hooking us up with the promotional video. He knocked it out of the park. 
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