Beast World 2024 Pinup Calendar

Beast World 2024 Pinup Calendar

Two 12-month pinup calendars of Beast World characters, featuring some of the coolest furry artists around the world.
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The Beast World Pinup Calendars are here!

We've rounded up some of our favorite artists to help us create two fantasy pinup calendars. One features 12 feminine characters in the Beast World tabletop setting in saucy high-quality cheesecake art, and the other is 12 masculine characters lounging in various states of undress.

These calendars are made by real human being artists, and we've priced them to give all twelve in each calendar fair pay. See below for more budgeting information!

The Artists

We've wrangled some of the coolest people in the furry art world to help us produce the calendar. Here's the full list:

The ferret alchemist Morris makes his return...

For the Boys of the Beast World

A druid of the wild card disrupts a casino...

For the Ladies of the Beast World


The Calendars

Each 12-month 2024 calendar is 12"x12" on glossy 157 GSM art paper. Each calendar marks off the Beast World's most noteable holidays as well, such as the Foxencat and the SHL Championships. You can choose between the masculine or feminine version, or get both for $5 off!

The Boys

The Ladies


The Prints

We asked the artists to do one more little thing... We're also offering two sets of 12 High-quality prints, featuring NSFW alts of the calendar pages. We can't show them off here, but we can mail them to you via donkey post, in a discreet black envelope...

These prints are huge: 12"x12" on 200 GSM cardstock. We're springing for soft-touch lamination too, so these are nice enough to go straight into a frame and on your wall.

Project Budgeting

  • 70% goes to the making of the calendars, the majority of which is going straight to the artists involved
  • 23% covers taxes and fees, the costs associated with crowdfunding
  • 7% covers other costs, such as the hours spent coordinating art and layout
  • <1% is for fulfilment! We don't anticipate this being a huge cost.



Shipping costs are divided into just two categories: domestic US backers, and the rest of the world (excluding Australia)

  • United States: $10 Shipping & Handling
  • Rest of the World: $20 Shipping & Handling

Shipping costs to Australia at this time have spiraled outside of our control unfortunately! The rate for a few pounds to AUS can run up past $40 right now.

Risks and Challenges

The art for both calendars is completely finished! We'll be putting in a print order within the next few weeks, then shipping them out to all of you. Unless there are unforeseen air-mail delays, we should be on schedule!
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