Campaigns that became landslide victories.

We live for this stuff.

When campaigns smash expectations, it’s crowdfunding at its best: communities of excited backers rewarding the work of ambitious creators with enough support to build a movement.

We were proud to help...

Bears vs. Babies survey 85,581 backers.

Kingdom Death collect shipping fees for the most-funded game of all time.

The Fidget Cube team raise an additional $1,092,247 in add-ons.

Superbook, the most-funded hardware campaign ever, manage all their pledges.

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Creators who partner with BackerKit typically earn 15% more than those who don’t. Here are a few who beat that in a big way: the highest flyers, the biggest splash makers, the pros of the pros.

Lay Waste Games

“BackerKit is a no-brainer for any Kickstarter campaign. Delivering surveys and offering pre-orders allowed us to expand our audience further every day.”

Lay Waste

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“We've tried it both ways—doing it by hand for our first campaign, and using BackerKit for our second. There's no way I would run another campaign without BackerKit.”


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Peak Design

“Using BackerKit is an easy business decision for me because it pays for itself several times over in actual revenue and profits.”


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