The Cassegrain Collection - four graphic novels by Didier Cassegrain

The Cassegrain Collection - four graphic novels by Didier Cassegrain

Twisty murder mysteries, mind-bending sci-fi, and mythical fantasy graphic novels by the incomparable and Eisner-nominated illustrator Didier Cassegrain!
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Presenting a collection of four cinematic graphic novels illustrated by Eisner Award-nominated artist DIDIER CASSEGRAIN:


Reunion Island is a runaway paradise for rich vacationers and a faraway hideout for those who wish to disappear. When a young mother disappears without a trace from the upscale Hotel Alamanda, an investigation uncovers a wealth of unanswerable questions, with all suspicions leading to her husband. When that suspect then disappears with their daughter in tow, the chase begins to save the girl and locate the wife. But this suspect has a lot more historical knowledge of this island than anyone is aware of...

Based on the best-selling mystery thriller by novelist MICHEL BUSSI, this taught tale adapted by artist DIDIER CASSEGRAIN and writer FRED DUVAL will keep the reader guessing as they piece together an intricate tale of passion and revenge.


The quaint village of Giverny, where Monet painted his legendary Water Lilies, is awakened by a murder. Three women are tied to the victim: the first one wicked, the second a liar, the third selfish. All three sought to leave the village, a grand and beautiful garden prison, like a painting that could never escape its frame. But the murder on the first day of tourist season leads to another on the last. Which of the women do you think managed to escape?

A masterful adaptation of MICHEL BUSSI’s celebrated crime novel adapted by CASSEGRAIN and DUVAL, with an ending that will encourage an immediate re-reading to see all the pieces perfectly set up for the unexpected finale. Nominated for a 2020 Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic as well as earning Didier a nomination for Best Painter/Digital Artist.


The planet Zarkass is a vivid wasteland of strange alien flora and fauna settled by a colonial trading post run by the matriarchal Terran forces. Threatened by mysterious triangular warships, two Terran agents are sent into the jungle under the guise of “ecological study,” but are in fact after the wreckage of one of the triangular ships. These two agents are as dissimilar as they are incompatible: Louis, a delicate and refined scientific officer, and her security escort, Marcel, a scrapper as tough they come. Guided by a crew of indigenous aliens, the two young women are quick to suspect that each might be hiding a secret agenda with personal reasons for taking this unglamorous assignment...

Based on the classic sci-fi novel by celebrated author STEFAN WUL and adapted by writer YANN and artist DIDIER CASSEGRAIN.


The trading port of Xarnath is the leading destination for pirates, profiteers, and scoundrels. Ruled with an iron fist by the Dragon Sheikh Ad Arphax, it's an uphill climb for any ambitious businessman (or woman) to get a leg up on the competition... especially when that competition is Ad Arphax himself. Lady Ellora has an idea to boost her brothel's business by recruiting some Sirens from the Island of Mermaids but to find this island, she'll need the help of a down-on-their-luck trio of adventurers and the notorious pirate Tao Bang! Can she trust this crew? And can they survive pursuit when Ad Arphax finds out about this scheme?

A high fantasy adventure and one of Didier Cassegrain's first hit graphic novels setting his career on its celebrated trajectory. Written by the legendary OLIVIER VATINE and DANIEL PECQUEUR, this tale has all the thrills and excitement you could ask for!

The Collection

Four unique tales, as thrilling as they are different from each other, each brought to spectacular visual life through the incomparable artwork of fan-favorite illustrator DIDIER CASSEGRAIN. Through his singular cinematic lens, these four stories unfold like feature films in print. Whether you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, big budget sci-fi blockbusters, or high fantasy pirate adventures, you will be captivated by the unexpected twists and surprise endings, leading to eager re-reading. 


The latest release by the artist, DON'T LET GO comes as a reunion of sorts to team behind the award-winning BLACK WATER LILIES. While the stories are completely unrelated and standalone thrillers, the duo of Cassegrain and Fred Duval adapting another best seller by novelist Michel Bussi is a formula for excellence. You'll be theorizing what's going on from beginning to the exciting climax, unsure who to trust or believe.


They said that Michel Bussi’s award-winning 2011 novel Nympheas Noirs was un-adaptable (for reasons that become evident after reading), but Cassegrain and writer Fred Duval pull off the task with masterful aplomb. The graphic novel adaptation has been celebrated worldwide and was even nominated for a 2020 Eisner Award for Best Digital Comic (also earning Didier a nomination for Best Painter/Digital Artist).


Loosely adapted from Stefan Wul’s 1958 sci-fi novel Piege sur Zarkass by prolific and popular comic writer Yann, this madcap adventure has all of the hallmarks of a blockbuster buddy film: a colorful cast of characters, sharp-witted dialogue, high-concept plot devices, explosive action sequences, and beneath it all, genuine heart. Capping off this perfect combination of elements is an array of environment and creature designs by Didier Cassegrain, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. It has been described as APOCALYPSE NOW through the jungles of James Cameron’s AVATAR with a cast of foul-mouthed scoundrels and heroes straight out of TANK GIRL.


Just as DON'T LET GO marks Didier's most recent work, TAO BANG represents his first foray into the world of comics. Fresh from training at the famed Gobelins Cartooning School in Paris, he met the legendary Olivier Vatine while working at Disney Studios, who encouraged the young artist to try his hand at comics... and the result was the eye-popping pirate fantasy TAO BANG! His unique style and dynamic flair quickly brought him wide recognition which you can see grown through the other titles in this collection.


About the Artist


Instagram: @cassegrain.didier

Didier Cassegrain was born in December 1966, in Chateaudun, a commune southwest of Paris. His interest in art led him to study technical drawing for a career in advertising, but feeling creatively dissatisfied, he turned to animation, training at the Gobelin’s school for two years before starting a career at France Animation and Disney Studios. It was during a stint at the Story Company that he met Fred Blanchard and Olivier Vatine who convinced him to try his hand at comics. His first published series was Tao Bang, written by Vatine, followed by Code McCallum, written by Fred Duval. Projects continued to follow him, including Spyder, The Hour of the Gargoyle, and the cartoony Larh-Don, Son of the Beast Age, before landing on the adaptation of Stefan Wul’s Trapped on Zarkass with prolific writer Yann. The success of that 3-part series (collected into the single volume offered in this campaign) led to Black Water Lilies with Fred Duval, then Conan the Cimmerian: Red Nails. Black Water Lilies was such a runaway hit that the creative team came together again to tackle Bussi's best selling novel Don't Let Go.


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