Frog Bag collection + bug stickers

Frog Bag collection + bug stickers

6 different crossbody frog bags, 12 bug stickers, a ladybug coin purse, and a bullfrog backpack stretch goal!
$19,349 🎉
of $5,000 (USD) goal

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Hello! We're ChimeraBunny, a small indie animation studio and plushie company! We've previously run 3 successful kickstarter campaigns to fund enamel pins, plushies, and even an animated series. This campaign will focus on one of our best sellers, frog bags!! If you want to learn more about frog bags and our other projects, consider following us on Our Instagram! You can also support Our Patreon to get exclusive access to behind the scenes of an indie animation studio!

The past two frog bag pre-orders sold out almost as soon as they went live, so we're back with 5 brand new bag designs along with an updated version of the original frog bag! Each bag is made of soft minky fabric with an adjustable strap, two exterior pockets, and one interior pocket. 

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Red Dart Frog Bag
Scientific name: Oophaga pumilio
Known as the strawberry poison-dart frog or blue jeans poison frog! 
Their diet consists primarily of ants which is how they get the alkaline toxins they secrete from their skin. Their bright colorations serve as a warning to predators!

Tomato Frog Bag
Scientific name: Dyscophus antongilii
Known as the tomato frog!
This frog species is an ambush predator, meaning they wait for their prey to come to them to strike! During the day, they bury themselves. During the night, they come out and wait for food to walk by! Tomato frogs can be found in the wild along the coast of Madagascar.
Pacman Frog Bag
Scientific name:
Known as the pacman frog or the south american horned frog!
This frog gets its common name from it's enormous mouth and round body. The "horns" on their eyes aren't actually horns at all, but flaps of skin that stick up!
Frog Bag
The original frog bag 2.0! Some changes we'll be making:
-changing the fabric to be the same soft minky type as the other frog bags! This means the final colors may differ, but we will pick the closest match.
-sizing up the bag by adding an inch to both width and length!
(pictured below is the older version while we wait for the 2.0 prototype. Will update with new pictures soon!)
Blue Dart Frog Bag
Scientific name: Dendrobates tinctorius 'Azureus'
Known as the dyeing poison dart frog or blue poison arrow frog!
Just like the strawberry dart frog, this species secretes a deadly poison due to eating ants! It is true for both species that if you alter their diet to other small insects, the venom in their skin is neutralized.

Coquí Frog Bag
Scientific name: Eleutherodactylus coqui
This frog is native to Puerto Rico! Unlike most frogs, the coquí does not have a tadpole stage. They come out of the egg as a tiny frog with a tail!
Beetle Bag
(Prototype currently in production! Will update as soon as we have pictures)
NOTE: All of these are prototypes and will be slightly altered when finalized! The dart frogs and the green frog bag will be sized up a bit and may be widened to better function as a bag!
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  • Please keep in mind all packaging and shipping is being done by one person. Unforseen events may delay shipping, such as manufacturing defects. If this happens to a large portion of the bags, we would have to re-order them. 
Please be aware that shipping will be charged after the campaign has ended and calculated in the survey. Below is an estimate of shipping costs based on the size of your order:

We'd like to begin using Frog Bags to promote education on frogs. 41% of amphibian species are currently threatened with extinction! Due to their permeable skin, frogs are highly susceptible to water pollution. Other threats include deforestation and habitat disturbance. 

Contact your local zoos and let them know about us if you wanna see Frog Bags out in the wild! We’d love to partner up with any frog conservation organizations and have a portion of each frog bag sale go to saving real frogs!
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