BackerKit Fulfillment

Expertly prepare your orders for third-party partner fulfillment.

Instantly process orders directly to your provider.

Responses from your backer survey automatically become orders complete with itemized content lists and accurate shipping information.

  • Separate orders into multiple shipments
  • Automatic order creation from survey
  • Manage backer data with ease

Third-party logistics with crowdfunding in mind.

Automatically generate orders for your 3PL service in the format they need. Exporting orders for your fulfillment partner has never been easier.

  • Export data for fulfillment centers
  • Multiple download formats supported
  • Direct integration with 3PL providers

The flexibility to ship however you want.

Whether you want to ship DIY style or integrate with your 3PL, our data lets you mix and match any way you want.

Access to our unparalleled shipping experience.

We’ve worked with thousands of crowdfunding creators who’ve used every fulfillment method imaginable. We know the importance of shipping on time.

  • Unparalleled Kickstarter fulfillment options
  • Expert advice from our experienced team
  • Custom reports when needed
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