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We help crowdfunding creators raise additional funds, reach new backers, and solve their fulfillment logistics. Over the years, we’ve helped creators survey 17.6 million backers and raise $424 million. We’ve also worked with more than 10,000 crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, including Dispel Dice, OYO NOVA Gym, and Frosthaven.

We take everything that we learn from working with the most successful creators and incorporate those lessons into our core products.

The Crowdfunding Journey

The crowdfunding journey is often deeper than people expect it to be. In between coming up with your great idea and launching your project, there’s a lot of preparation to be successful.

Hitting your funding goal is only part of the journey.

We have tools for every part of your crowdfunding journey

BackerKit has the tools you'll need from beginning to end.

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Throughout the years, we’ve worked with thousands of creators and learned from the best. One of the most important steps that every successful creator has in common is building an email list before launching. People need to know your campaign is coming so they can support it. While social media can be great for finding these initial fans and directly connecting with them, you will want to focus on also having them join your email list.

A strong list is one that has been built specifically for your product or brand. We usually see about 5-10% of a strong email list converting into pledges, so take that into account as you build yours. Simply having a large email list that’s an assortment of people doesn't mean they are the right audience for this campaign, which can cause this percentage to shrink.

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