Get Ready for MONTY PYTHON and the HOLY GRAIL board game

by Dynamite Entertainment


Join 115 other people!

You are one of the Knights of the Round Table and have joined King Arthur in the legendary quest for the Holy Grail. But this is no ordinary board game, valiant hero, this is an epic adventure of absurdity that will take you across the land to visit all your favorite (and not so favorite) people and places from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

You and your friends will venture far and wide to battle the Black Knight, catapult cows, hurl insults, and complete the most quests to prove that you are the most valorous Knight of all. So, gather up your coconuts and get ready to ride off with a few fond friends, because no one can say “ni” to the weirdest (and perhaps most pointless) game you’ll play this week!

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