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🩸 In the Shadows of Oklahoma, Terror Awakens...
Prepare to be plunged into the depths of horror with "Can You See Them?" – an RPG scenario that transcends fear itself! Crafted by the masters at DMDave Publishing and powered by the sinister Year Zero Engine, this is not just a game; it's a descent into madness. Perfect for any RPG system, it's a chilling journey you'll never forget.

🩸 Trapped!
Imagine waking up, your heart pounding in a pitch-black storage unit, the air thick with dread. You're not alone; the frightened faces of your neighbors surround you. But how did you get here? Why can't anyone remember? The only way out is through the dark unknown.

🩸 A Town Swallowed by Silence...
Once free, the horror truly begins. Your quaint Oklahoma town is now a ghostly shell, its streets hauntingly silent. Every familiar face, every echo of laughter, vanished without a trace. The desolation is suffocating, the mystery paralyzing.

🩸 Creatures of the Abyss...
As night falls, a bone-chilling realization sets in: you are not alone. Something unspeakable lurks in the darkness, watching, waiting. Creatures, twisted and grotesque, born from your deepest fears, stalk the shadows. Every shadow could hide a nightmare, every silence could be a predator's breath.

🩸 Survive the Horror...
Can You See Them? is an ultimate test of survival against the unknown. It's an odyssey through a town swallowed by darkness, where your every decision could mean life or death. The creatures are getting closer. Can you outsmart the darkness?

🩸 The Ultimate Horror Experience Awaits...
This is more than a game – it's a 1980s horror movie come to life. The terror is real, the suspense unbearable, the adventure unforgettable.

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