PARA, a Dice-less Tarot Resolution TTRPG

by Eerie Games

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The Game

PARA is a paranormal horror ttrpg, but there’s more to it than just that. It’s also about discovery, hope, and acceptance. About found family. Powerful story goals in their own right, but they also offer powerful stakes. It is one thing to be afraid for one’s own safety, but when you truly care for those around you the fear is magnified exponentially. The opportunity for heroics is heightened and the consequences for failure become something to avoid at all costs.

Tarot Resolution System

Players utilizes a Tarot Deck instead of dice. A three-card draw determines success or failure, but it also offers narrative elements to both player and game master, enhancing the overall collaborative experience.

The gamebook includes a cheat sheet for those new to tarot, offering a quick, easy guide on the meanings of the Major Arcana and possible narrative impact. 

The Setting

Play young adults with paranormal abilities, starting college. Outcasts back home because of your uncontrolled abilities, college offers a fresh start. Maybe you can make friends, find acceptance, and possibly learn more about your abilities. Like how to control them.
But be careful, something dark and sinister lurks in the woods, threatening your newfound life. Along with your classmates, can you unravel the mysteries that seem to lurk around every turn.

The Sandbox

The gamebook includes a complete sandbox with a map of the Hastur College campus, major NPCs and paranormal entities, a detailed history of the college and the underlying mysteries and locations of note, on and off campus, and interwoven mysteries for your players to unravel.   

A second adventure book is also available, offering more options, including one-shot adventures, and another full campaign setting with its own unique mysteries.

Original Art

The book is illustrated with stunning original art by Hannah Rivera and includes twenty exquisite depictions of the odd and supernatural. 

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