Get Ready for Demon Ninja: The Role-Playing Game!

by Disciple Studios

The Pact is broken. Hell has been unleashed.

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The Pact is broken. Hell has been unleashed.

A broken pact between a legendary emperor and a mysterious dark force unleashed a plague of darkness across the nation.

Demon Ninja is an adult role-playing game of survival and horror set in a Lovecraftian old Japan overrun by tentacular parasites, macabre devils and brutal ninja wars.

You and your companions take on the role of sombre supernatural commandos of old Japan’s special forces.

Your ninja team sets out to accomplish special operations where you try to save desperate but dangerous hosts, hunt down cunning devils, terminate deserters and traitors and dispose of high ranking enemy personnel.

Each of you come from your own demon clan with a unique military specialty, equipped with deadly techniques and the sharpest Ninjutsu mindset.

But you must be careful…

The same old Darkness that fuels your expertise is slowly spreading inside your soul…

Every time you channel your Demon-Ki or make use of your formidable techniques, you add a point of Darkness to your character sheet…

Should you ever lose control of this, death shall be the least of your worries.


Our signature metamechanics ensure that those who completely take back their souls from the claws of Darkness, after surviving ten consecutive game sessions under the same Pilgrim game master, may apply to be inducted into one of our official lineages as demon ninja Pilgrims.

This means you, the player behind the character, will now and forever carry the Kun aura of your Game Master’s lineage wherever and whenever you sit down for a Demon Ninja game session. Regardless of the character you will be role-playing at that moment.

Yes, you read that right.

Your name shall be forever inscribed in your official Lineage’s tree, proving your accomplishments at the game table and at the same time allowing you to do the same for others if you ever decide to become a game master.

And Darkness takes the rest.

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