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by Wordion Games

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Master the art of innuendo or at least show your titillating side with Master Of Innuendo—a brand new fill-in-the-blank game where you create blush- and giggle-worthy versions of your favorite movie titles. The naughtier the better.

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? How about "My Big Fat Greek Beaver"?

"Raiders of the Lost Ark"? How about "Raiders of the Lost Beef Stick"?

One hand will have you red-faced and laughing so hard, you'll be trying not to pee your pants.

Here's how to play:

Step 1: Gather your friends, enemies or whoever’s nearby.

Step 2: Stack the Title Cards, layout the Party Cards, and deal the Innuendo Cards, 7 for each player.

Step 3: The round's "Critic" reads the movie title with strategic blank(s). The players use up to 3 of their Innuendo Cards and the Party Cards to make a whole new movie title that’ll get everyone snort-laughing.

Step 4: The Critic awards a point to the funniest innuendo title, and a bonus point if the player can fill in the blanks to make the proper movie title.

After a pre-determined time, the player with the most points is crowned Master Of Innuendo and gets to wear the medal. (Yep, there's really a medal for that!)

Play testers said Master Of Innuendo will "leave you panting for more" and "make you laugh even when you think that you shouldn't." Plus, Master Of Innuendo is "ridiculously funny" and "extremely addictive!"

Players: 3 to as many people as you can gather. Can your whole college dorm play? Yep. Can your whole football team play? Of course! Can your whole wedding party play? You betcha.

Play Time: From 5 minutes to until your jaw locks up...from laughing too hard (your mind is already in the gutter!)

Ages: 17 and older. (You wouldn’t want to corrupt the youth, would you? Or stop game play to explain the words to them.)

You’ll LOVE Master Of Innuendo if…

  • You like to laugh
  • You need a good laugh
  • You like to talk dirty
  • You are a bit dirty
  • You blush easily
  • You don’t blush enough
  • You like movies
  • You like steamy movies
  • You like steamy movies made from steamy books
  • You like it racy 
  • You like to play racy
  • You like fun
  • You like simple games with maximum chuckles
Tell your friends to spice up their saucy side. Master Of Innuendo is coming.

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