GeoQuest Vol I: A 2-in-1 Interactive Fun Family Quest Game

by John Francis & Mark

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GeoQuest is all about exploring the world. With a whopping 200 countries across 6 continents, it's like traveling the globe without leaving your living room. And guess what? It's divided into 4 volumes, and this campaign is Volume 1.  

GeoQuest Volume 1 (Bilingual - English/Spanish): 

  • 50 Nations Across 6 Continents.
  • 100 Game Cards.
  • 24 Question Tag Cards.
  • 2 Pairs of Card Set (25 Cards Per Set)
  • 1 Pair of Question Tag Cards (24 Cards)
  • 120cm x 60cm / 47.2in x 24in Thick Game Play Mat.
  • Card Size: 7cm x 10cm / ~ 3in x 4in
  • Thickness: ~ 1mm.
  • Age: 5+ (Kids and Adults)

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