Get Ready for TAG: Mighty Bounties (5E)

by Mind's Vision

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Every RPG player, veteran or newcomer, knows that the biggest challenge a group of adventurers can face is finding the time and schedule to get together. Playing RPG requires preparation time, especially from DMs, which busy adult life insists on getting in the way.

Seeking to alleviate this suffering that we share with our fellow hobbyists, we developed the "Talented Adventures Guild" (or TAG), an adventure system that allows you to run a session of 5th Edition-based game in just a few minutes of reading.

Mighty Bounties Vol. 1 is the first chapter of the Talented Adventurers Guild (TAG) series. It features a selection of quick adventures designed to be solved in just one session (one shot), allowing the party to simply choose a quest from the list and play. All adventures are structured so the DM follows clear and direct instructions on navigating the story, tactical encounter information, NPC sheets, and a high-quality battle map!

Because they are self-contained and non-linear, the stories can easily be fitted into current 5E campaigns as side quests or fillers, using characters that already participate in the group and easily accommodate guests.

The adventures are designed for groups of 3 to 5 players and use a Risk Rating system instead of conventional levels. This way, players can accommodate the necessary number of characters at different levels, quickly adjusting the challenge and other story elements.

As a hook to other stories, each adventure comes with a complete Loot Table if the characters want to continue their work as guild mercenaries.

We are a new independent publisher responsible for games like Potato Man, Huradrim - The Brewmaster's Party Game, The Legacy of Cthulhu and The Vampire - Alone in the Darkness.

One of our primary goals is to assist up-and-coming creators from around the world to break into English-speaking markets, giving them much better licensing and royalties deals than the average market trends. Your support means a lot to us!

However, the main stars are the creators of the game! You can meet them below:

Julien De Lucca is a Brazilian novelist of Dark Fantasy books and founder and lead designer of the Sidequest Battlemaps brand on From cartography to story development, design to art direction, it has always been his passion to bring imagination to life in a broad spectrum of creative endeavors. Be it with meticulously crafted and intricate maps that transport you to fantastical worlds or epic RPG narratives weaving exciting plots, rich character development, and immersive world-building, his decades of expertise are felt throughout his craft, bringing to the table all the sheer love he shares for the gaming and narrative hobby industry.

Felipe Della Corte is a renowned RPG designer and author in Brazil, with more than fifteen nominations and five awards for his work with Tormenta20, A Lenda de Ghanor and Ordem Paranormal RPG, all best-sellers in his home country.

With over a decade of experience in the games market, Della is a storyteller passionate about transforming good stories into playful mechanics, having already worked on official RPG livestream versions for major entertainment brands like Crunchyroll and From Software.

The internal art features original artwork from Arabson Assis, a Brazilian cartoonist who has illustrated editorials and comic strips for international newspapers and magazines since 2006. His graphic novel The Terrible Elisabeth Dumn Against the Devils in Suits was published in the United States by Image Comics in November 2018, featuring translation from Eisner-winning writer Andrew Robinson, and it was nominated for the Eisner Awards in 2019 in the One-Shot Category.

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