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Skybound Realms

A brand new TTRPG set in the soaring skies of Vaylance, filled with airships, magic and mystery. This is a game for all those who love airship fantasy and want to experience what it's like to roam the skies in your own airship. Our innovative and simple rules, and a special focus on simultaneous airship and player combat, link together an experience like no other!

Character options

Create your own Voyager with an abundance of character options, which build on top of each other in a skill-tree structure, giving a natural, and evolutionary flow to your characters progression, with plenty of extras to make sure each character feels unique.

With character's abilities ranging from wind walking, which allows to predict the winds movement and be carried by it, giving them a one-of-a-kind movement mechanic, to simpler abilities such as taking care of the engines of your ship.

Your Airship, Y(our) Rules

Your airship is not just a mode of transportation, it's your very lifeblood in this world, your home amidst the skies, and your weapon and shield in the face of danger. Customize it, upgrade it, and watch it evolve alongside your characters. Engage in thrilling airship combat, outsmart your opponents with superior tactics, navigate through treacherous weather conditions or simply try and enjoy the peace this endless expanse can provide.

With rule options, allowing for the possibility to get into the nitty gritty details, customizing every last part of the ship, or an easy modular version for those who prefer lighter customization, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

Make your ship stand out! There's endless ways to propel it, ranging from steam, magic, biological, or with unknown, ancient technology.


This vast expanse is filled with all kinds of strange and fantastical creatures, each with their own niche. Fight off soaring Wyverns, hunt the rare Aerorays or watch sky whales float by in all their majesty.


Skybound Realms uses a progressive d6 based dice pool system with a scaling scoring dice, where all the parts of the system work in tandem to make you feel like you have more control, and that your choices in both character creation, and your choices in game matter for your roll.

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Includes multiple STL files, Dice, GM screen, cards and much more to be revealed!

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