Get Ready for Elemental Dragon Plushies :3 !!

by Dirtynoodles Doodles

Can we count on your pledge for our upcoming project?

Join 138 other people!
A fundraising campaign for 6 fun dragon plush designs!

I'm Noodles, a local Aussie artist who runs the small business Dirtynoodles Doodles. I've run Kickstarters before, and have experience in plush campaigns (I regularly do preorder campaigns on my store actually!) so I'm very optimistic for the turnout of this campaign!!

The campaign would be for 10" long dragon plushies, all elemental based. We have:
  • Torrent, the water dragon (Who will glow in the dark!)
  • Pride, the flamboyant rainforest dragon
  • Stars, the scarred midnight dragon
  • Sunshine, the bubbly daylight dragon
  • Brick, the goofy earth dragon
  • Danger, the fierce fire dragon

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