Large Foam Dice

Large Foam Dice

Nothing feels better than rolling a giant foam dice!
$4,700 🎉
of $2,500 (USD) goal

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owlbear and die

We all love our dice, but sometimes you just need something a little bigger!

This is why we're introducing Large Foam Dice!!

Whether you need it for your home game, outside fun, your classroom, or even as a cool shelfie accessory, this die will showcase the the most iconic element of tabletop RPGs, the d20.

So, after the release of the owlbear plush, I originally had the idea to make plush dice. Although that was a cool idea, it did present some of its own challenges, especially regarding the rigidity of the form.  So, that's when I started to take a look at foam dice and to see what's out there.
Surprisingly, there were many small dice (like 1-2 inches tall), but nothing to the same scale as our owlbear or even the Roll20 plush die on the market. So I did some outreach to manufacturers, and after learning about different kinds of foam and their squish, I decided on a slight squish foam die that would be about the size of a water polo ball/owlbear.

After selecting the type of foam and getting the size across, we got our die!

Prototype development

and its been pretty fun and even has a satisfying bounce to it!

Right now we're only starting with the d20, because prototyping is kinda expensive. In addition we wanted to make the project simple, cause we'd love to do a first production run of these die to get them out there. 

That said, I would love to produce the rest and make a whole dice set!! And so the first goal of this project is to fund the prototyping of the rest of the die-sets so if we get to a global campaign, we can offer everything all at once.

If we smash all those, then we can start looking at ordering other dice, each one would be their own production run (we get no scales of economy for adding dice to this production)

So for the sake of stretch goals we're going to do the following:

  • 5k: fully funds the production run of the d20s
  • 6k: funds prototype of die (d8)
  • 8k: funds prototype of die (d4)
  • 10k: funds prototype of die (d12)
  • 12k: funds prototype of die (d10)
  • 14k: funds prototype of die (d6)
  • 15k: unlocks #1 die to be ordered
  • 20k: unlocks #2 die to be ordered
  • 25k: unlocks #3 die to be ordered
  • 30k: unlocks #4 die to be ordered
  • 30k: unlocks #5 die to be ordered
  • 35k: unlocks #6 die to be ordered

Unfortunately, this project will only be for backers in the US. 
Part of the reason for this is to keep fulfillment straightforward and simple (esp since these arent books, so import gets messy really quickly. 

With current volumes we have for the project I anticipate fulfillment to be around early Feb 2024 (the nice thing about this being a no-development micro project (as opposed to designing and printing ttrpg and supplements books).

Shipping will be collected and charged in backerkit after the campaign, and will probably cost around $9. 
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