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How Lay Waste Games took flight with Dragoon.

Indie tabletop games publisher specializing in high-end materials.

Back in 2015, Lay Waste Games launched their debut Kickstarter project for their tabletop game Dragoon. Players take on the role of a mighty dragon as they fight over the humans’ precious metal. Each of the 5 Boston-based teammates brought a unique set of skills to the game creation lifecycle laying the foundation for an amazing company.

  • 5 campaigns used BackerKit
  • $622K raised in Kickstarter
  • 9,325 backers surveyed
  • 31% purchased BackerKit add-ons

Expanding the library.

After the success of Dragoon, the team launched an expansion called The Rogue and Barbarian which more than tripled Dragoon’s original pledge and backer amount. Since then, they've launched 3 new projects including the time-travel themed Human Era, a unique collaboration with Jordan Draper Games called Metal, and Life Siphon—a spooky combat strategy game.

“Our backers are the most important part of Dragoon and Lay Waste Games, and failing them is not an option. Building a community through crowdfunding is an unbelievably rewarding experience.”

Sometimes managing your success is the hard part. Sustaining it can be even harder.

The initial Dragoon campaign had a modest goal of $9,000 which they blew past within a few days of launch. The founding team was just a handful of people who now had to manage hundreds of backer questions, organize mounds of fulfillment data, and keep everyone updated and happy.

“The post-Kickstarter survey is an intimidating process, much like launching a project. BackerKit was so incredibly easy that it wiped away all of our post-Kickstarter butterflies. And when we came across something we didn’t fully understand, the BackerKit team was there to help us out.”

Lay Waste Games understands the importance of keeping their backers happy. They’ve partnered with BackerKit for all 5 of their crowdfunding projects to date.

“BackerKit is a no-brainer for any Kickstarter campaign. They handled the mounds of data that were flowing in allowing us to focus on making Dragoon the sweetest metal dragon action strategy tabletop game ever!”

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