Backer Manager

Expertly track and edit all backer information using Backer Manager.

Save time with our all-in-one dashboard.

Don’t move from spreadsheet to spreadsheet to track and update each order. Conveniently import and track each backer in one convenient place.

  • Import from Kickstarter and Indiegogo
  • View individual backer profiles
  • All-in-one backer data hub

The tool you need to keep backers happy.

Allows backers to edit their pledge level and buy additional items before you ship. Our backer manager makes customer service a breeze.

  • Easily find individual backers
  • Keep track of special requests
  • Monitor backer’s change history
  • Add multiple administrators

Discover the power of backer segments.

Group backers with a variety of filters to create custom segments that will let you view, modify and export each backer group.

Automate operations and focus on what you love.

Leverage the power of our software to process payments, get instant reports, raise additional funds, and send detailed shipping notifications.

  • Individual and batch payment processing
  • Shipping notifications and tracking numbers
  • Export your data for fulfillment
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