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How Peak Design streamlines fulfillment for thousands of backers.

Creating products through elegant, thoughtful design.

Peak Design started in 2010 when founder-to-be Peter Dering took a 3-month trip around the world. During the trip he discovered that travelling with a DSLR camera wasn’t very fun. When Peter returned home, he immediately started working on a solution that would become the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip. He raised $364,698 from 5,258 backers on Kickstarter back in 2011 laying a strong foundation for the Peak Design brand.

  • 9 campaigns used BackerKit
  • $27M raised in Kickstarter
  • 86,881 backers surveyed
  • 49% purchased BackerKit add-ons

Managing thousands of backers on your own isn’t easy.

Due to their high backer count, Peak Design became an early BackerKit customer and used the software platform to handle their backer management needs. The company has continued using BackerKit for every subsequent project including its record breaking campaigns from 2015 and 2016, the Everyday Messenger and Everyday Backpack which raised $4,869,472 and $6,565,782 respectively.

“BackerKit fills a number of essential roles but, with respect to fulfillment, just having the confidence that all the information is correct, that it's done by the users, and that it's all organized in the right format and not having to worry about that is just huge.”

BackerKit removes the hassle and guesswork so you can stay focused.

BackerKit provided the customer management platform that Peak Design needed to keep fulfillment on track and allow employees to focus on manufacturing. Being able to manipulate information, process backers in batches, and get structured data out of the application supercharged Peak Design’s operations.

“When we made a decision to do all of the data work through BackerKit, it was like, ‘wow!’ It just flows through and gets the job done, so we can keep on working in the very, very busy day jobs we already have. And the extra revenue generated is incredible. It's like having another very successful ecommerce store, like running a mini-Kickstarter.”

Making sure that backers get the right rewards at the right time is key to building a loyal customer base that will be excited to back your next campaign. You build and earn a strong reputation during your successful crowdfunding campaign. But if you mismanage the fulfillment stage, you are losing some of that reputation and blocking yourself off from repeat success.

“It's an easy business decision for me because it pays for itself several times over in actual revenue and profits and then all of the efficiency that you gain on top of that is just irreplaceable.”

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