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Who Are We?
Catacolyte Games (kuh-TAK-o-light) is an indie TTRPG design studio focused on immersive, mold-breaking design with intent to shake up D&D 5E. Ashton Baker founded Catacolyte Games in January 2023 after spending five years in the industry working for companies like Loresmyth and Kingdom Death. Our goal is to get what’s in your head onto the table and watch your imagination come to life.

Design Philosophy
At Catacolyte Games, the player comes first. We start with an idea or concept, and then work to pair it down into fun and interesting abilities that sell you (the player) on that fantasy. It isn't enough to just create a template for you to play and create with, we want to spark your imagination.

Play Isn't Just For Fun
Catacolyte Games strives to be a healthy, innovative, and designer focused studio. We condense mature, complex topics into easily digestible forms you can explore in your own games. Play isn’t just for fun. It’s an integral component of expression and self-exploration.

Previous Work
You can find our previous project, Cult of the Blood Queen, on Kickstarter or DriveThruRPG.

- Ashton Baker,
Creator of Catacolyte Games


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