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Sins of Our Mother, D&D 5E Scripture

Sins of Our Mother, D&D 5E Scripture

Sins of Our Mother includes 3 new subclasses, a ton of magical equipment, a party home, terrifying new NPCs, story focused dungeons, ritual feats to amp up your favorite abilities, and quest hooks to help get all this cool new stuff into your DM's game.
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Who is Catacolyte Games?

Catacolyte Games (kuh-TAK-o-light)  is an indie TTRPG design studio focused on immersive, mold-breaking design with intent to shake up D&D 5E. Ashton Baker founded Catacolyte Games in January 2023 after spending five years in the industry working for companies like Loresmyth and Kingdom Death. Our goal is to get what’s in your head onto the table so you can live out your every fantasy.

Why Trust Us?

Catacolyte Games has already produced Cult of the Blood Queen after crowdfunding almost $4,000 through Kickstarter and Backerkit. We take game design seriously, because we love what we do.

Play Isn’t Just for Fun

Catacolyte Games strives to be a healthy, innovative, and designer focused studio that puts art first. We condense mature, complex topics that can feel overwhelming into easily digestible forms you can explore in your own games. Play isn’t just  for fun. It’s an integral component of expression and self-exploration.

A Company for the Future

Game design demands a degree of passion that companies often exploit when it should be rewarded. Studios like us are nothing without our artists, writers, and designers. As Catacolyte grows, our creators will be built into the company’s reward structure so that they may reap what they sow.

Don't take our word. Here's some reviews by Backers on our previous project.

“WOW!! This is truely fantastic work team! I am so impressed that I will definitely be backing your future projects! Seriously well done! This is so cool!”
– Svend Peter Hoegh

I'm in love with the look and feel of this whole thing. I've backed a few kickstarters (read: a lot) and this is one of only two that I'm compelled to interact with and I'm very interested in seeing everything that comes out of this.
- Senior Chronicler Varaldar

Project Completion

The project is already well underway, and becomes more feature complete everyday. See the Project Progress and Project Timeline below for a better idea of its current state, and follow us here on Backerkit or join our Discord for more updates as the project develops.

Project Progress

  • 80% of the art has already been completed or is being worked on.

  • Vow of Beauty Paladin: 80% complete.

  • Medusite Monk: 70% complete.

  • Flesh Singer: 50% complete.

  • Euphoria Fighter: 30% complete.

  • Sloth Druid: 20% complete.

  • The Traitor Duchess & Estate of Undeath: 65% complete.

  • Ritual Feats: 20% complete.

  • Quest Hooks: 10% complete.

  • Magical Equipment: 10% complete.

Project Timeline

Please keep in mind that the following milestones are an estimate and may change as we unlock stretch goals.

  • February - Core Gameplay Elements Finalized (Class abilities, systems, etc.)

  • June - Writing Rough Draft Complete, Early Access Releases

  • August - Writing Edits Complete

  • September - Polish Phase Begins

  • October - Project Complete, Digital Version Ships, Game Cards Ship

  • November or December - Print on Demand Version Becomes Available
Shipping costs will be charged after the campaign through Backerkit. Please see below for shipping estimates regarding each country. Please note that shipping costs can easily change over the course of a year, and these are only my best estimates.

How Do We Ship?

Catacolyte ships our game cards in flat, non-bendable mailers. Each individual game card comes in a cellophane sheet to protect it from the heat and other travel hazards.


Note that tariffs are not included in the shipping estimates, and that some countries will require you pay an import fee to actually receive your rewards. Please look into your local customs laws before pledging.

Shipping Cost Estimates in USD

  • United States - $5
  • Canada - $16
  • Germany - $18
  • Israel - $19
  • United Kingdom - $20
  • Australia - $22
  • New Zealand - $22
  • France - $20
Sins of Our Mother is a product born from many people's efforts. I cannot sufficiently express my gratitude with the simple list below. Thank you.

Lead Design

Ashton Baker


Amin Manaa, Richard Nguyen, VinĂ­cius Campos

Designers & Writers

Akil Harris, Joanna Purpich, Juan Báez, Mark Bondioli


Akil Harris, Juan Báez, Mark Bondioli, Richard Bucey, Sean Marlow

Voice Acting

Kyle "Alphalance" Stover


Ben Kolber

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