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SpectraTone RED Trumpet Mouthpiece

SpectraTone RED Trumpet Mouthpiece

A Hybrid Trumpet Mouthpiece combining Lattice Topology Design and Additive Manufacturing technologies. RED is designed with a new Rim, Cup, and Throat design that maximizes comfort, control, range, and endurance like no other.
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Color - Comfort - Control

Wednesday the 13th is the last day to get 1/2 price!

The SpectraTone RED Hybrid Trumpet Mouthpiece incorporates Lattice Topology Design and Additive Manufacturing technologies to improve performance and efficiency. This is an amazing Lead Trumpet Mouthpiece designed with a new Rim, Cup, and Throat that maximizes comfort, control, range, and endurance like no other. 

Offered in 3 variations:
  1. Hybrid Titanium (Titanium, Nylon, Brass Body assembly)
  2. Hybrid SS (316L Stainless Steel, Nylon, Brass Body assembly
  3. Brass (Solid Brass Body)

Designed for all ages & skill levels, SpectraTone RED Trumpet Mouthpieces produce a brilliant tone color, unmatched comfort, and control over variables. With the full SpectraTone series, we have created the ultimate mouthpiece suitable for nearly every performance situation and 100% compatible with all brand trumpets.

SpectraTone will improve your performance from day one. You can choose from a wide range of diameters and three rim profiles to maximize comfort, range, and endurance. The fully modular design allows you to adjust tonal color and upgrade any parameter as you progress over time. This is especially helpful for students, comeback players, and professionals who will experience growth, both physically and musically, in the coming years.  


SpectraTone mouthpieces are currently available in Yellow, Blue, and now RED. This Backerkit campaign represents RED, which could be described as bold and brilliant with rich overtones. Suitable for all musical genres requiring a lead/commercial/pop sound, this configuration gives non-lead trumpet players the ability to create a lead sound, and increase range without the need for a shallow cup. 

SpectraTone RED features NEW Rim, Cup, and Throat designs that achieve an extremely comfortable experience in all registers. This mouthpiece is open in the upper register, and feels great on your lips. 



Finding the right mouthpiece is the key to experiencing a major performance breakthrough. Comfort and dental fit are more important than any other factors. SpectraTone mouthpieces were designed with the input of thousands of trumpet players who have shared their challenges with us over the past twenty-five years.

Six variations in 14 Diameters - .550" (14mm) to .680" (17.3mm)

NEW Red Rim - round inner contour designed for ultimate flexibility
Standard - standard contour, average inner and outer radii
Wide - standard inner contour with wider outside contour
Semi-flat - slightly flat version of "Wide"
Flat - just like it sounds, more surface area on your lips
Very Flat - maximum surface area for less mouthpiece pressure

Players with perfectly straight teeth prefer a different rim contour than those with braces or crooked teeth. And the diameter you've been playing on may be too large or small, which may limit your tone quality and range. The SpectraTone mouthpiece design takes these factors into account to help you make real progress. 

The following may be asked in the survey after the SpectraTone campaign has ended in late December. Your answers will reveal the best rim diameter and contour to fit your individual needs, or you may choose from any of our variations.

1) Which mouthpiece(s) are you currently playing? Will you play SpectraTone RED on Bb trumpet or Piccolo? 
2) You will choose a rim diameter based on our Rim comparison chart.
3) If you need assistance, we will ask you to describe your dental structure to determine high point position.

The high point is a key piece of information that will determine the rim contour. The theoretical high point is a ridge formed by one or more crooked teeth that your mouthpiece may rest upon. Players with one or more high points often find round contour rims to be a suitable choice as blood flow is increased with this type of setup. 

Players with near perfectly straight teeth will usually have difficulty with a round rim contour as this may cut off the blood supply to the vibrating portion of the lips. These players may experience greater success using a wide or semi-flat rim contour. And braces create other challenges that may require any of these contours to alleviate indentation of the lips and increase blood flow.



All SpectraTone mouthpieces may be upgraded and adjusted over time by purchasing modular components in the future. We have assisted thousands of clients in their mouthpiece journeys utilizing our versatile system of Rim, Cup, Throat, and Backbore (cornet & trumpet) options. In fact, we have the largest library of variations ever made so it's easy to find what you need, when you need it. 

SpectraTone allows you to adjust the tonal color in a matter of seconds. Need to open up your sound? No problem. Control air flow, flexibility, slotting, tone color, attack, and more with easy affordable upgrades.

What's Included?
SpectraTone Red includes the following regardless of variation you choose. 

  • Rim of your choice (we offer every size from our extensive library including 6 standard profiles in 14 diameters)
  • Cup/Throat 1-piece component that matches the diameter of your chosen rim
  • Body either made from solid brass, or a Hybrid variation made of brass, nylon, and stainless steel or titanium
  • Backbore with trumpet shank (cornet shanks available as an Add-on)
  • Nut that closes the visual gap between your mouthpiece Body and trumpet Receiver

Unsure of the rim size you need? You will receive a comparison chart to choose from in your pledge manager (in early January). If you are unsure of the rim size and shape you would like, we will give you the option to have a brief phone call to discuss your needs before shipping your new SpectraTone mouthpiece. We are here to support you for life. 


Q&A Live Video Sessions

"Choosing the best Rim diameter & shape"

Live Q&A Video Session #1 - Thursday, December 7th 

Live Q&A Video Session #2 - Sunday, December 10th

Vote on Final Hybrid design

All backers of SpectraTone RED Hybrid SS and Ti variations will have the opportunity to vote on the final design, which will be made from stainless steel (or titanium), nylon, and brass.

We are considering options in various materials including stainless steel, nylon, titanium, aluminum, and inconel combined with CNC machined brass components. There will be a limited number of unique prototype body types available in the pledge manager after the campaign has ended.

A note on materials:
316L SS is a chromium-nickel-molybdenum austenitic stainless steel very resistant to corrosion.
Titanium is 45% lighter than Stainless Steel, also exhibiting a very high resistance to corrosion.
Both materials are considered hypoallergenic and safe for daily contact.

Watch for updates on new prototype designs, test videos, and more.


AM & Lattice Topology Design

Designing SpectraTone Red with Topology and Lattice technologies

Additive Manufacturing is something we've been focused on for many years. This process involves using lasers (or other techniques) to sinter or melt metal or nylon powder into finished products that cannot be manufactured any other way. By designing our latest mouthpiece with high end aerospace lattice topology software, we can now use additive manufacturing to make designs that are more efficient, lighter in weight, and from exotic materials. In short, our Hybrid mouthpieces will easily outperform all previous variations at a lower cost.

Automotive and Aerospace examples of AM and Lattice Topology technologies

A common question we receive about this new approach is, "why don't we CNC machine our mouthpieces anymore?". The answer is that we do in fact CNC machine every component with the exception of specially designed components in the body that attach to the modular mouthpiece. Additive manufacturing is not replacing our CNC work, but adding value to this process.

Prototype spinning tops combining AM, Lattice Topology, and CNC machining

The first Stainless Steel prints of SpectraTone Red bodies


Backerkit supporters will receive up to a 50% discount, and early access before the public.
Then public release is scheduled for mid-March, 2024, after all backer rewards have been shipped.

Retail prices - public March release
SpectraTone Red in Brass will retail for $400.
SpectraTone Red Hybrid SS variation will retail for $500 in Brass, 316L Stainless Steel, and Nylon. 
SpectraTone Red Hybrid Ti variation will retail for $600 in Brass, Titanium, and Nylon.  

Production Progress

We have finished over 1000 Rims and over 500 Cup/Throat components specifically for SpectraTone Red as of November. We will produce the Brass and Hybrid Bodies and Backbores once we have final numbers in early January. Since Red will only be offered in raw brass, there will be no plating delay on this campaign. The additive manufacturing body components on the Hybrid Red design have a 30 day lead time, which will provide a generous amount of time to complete production before delivery begins in February.

Rims, Cups, and Throats machined in-house


Prototyping SpectraTone Red in Brass - September

Design for Production - October

Prototyping SpectraTone Red Hybrid variation - November through December

Campaign Ends - December 20th

Backers vote on final Hybrid design
- January 3rd

Pledge Manager Opens - January, 2024

Final Production Ends - February, 2024

Delivery to Backers Begins
- late February, 2024

SpectraTone Red Brass


Add-ons are available when you pledge for SpectraTone Red. 

These include discounts on additional mouthpiece components, cases, Pocket Valves, High Efficiency Valve Stems, and more. Take advantage of huge savings when you add these to your pledge. 


Shipping will be charged after the campaign has ended, in the pledge manager. 
We will determine the lowest possible shipping price for each region, and the following are estimates only. 

United States - $10
Canada - $20
Rest of the World - $40

New to Backerkit?

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect with this Backerkit campaign.

1) You will make a pledge for a reward, which is technically different than buying a product. In essence, you are helping us reach our monetary goal to offer discounted rewards to our backers. Your pledge amount will be charged to your credit card when the campaign ends. 

2) You will receive a survey through your Backerkit account after the campaign has ended. Once you respond to the survey questions, we will prepare your reward and ship it to you. 

3) We will support you with amazing customer service for as long as you own your SpectraTone mouthpiece. 

SpectraTone Red has been fully developed, play tested by over 50 independent musicians, and production is nearly complete. Offering this new product on Backerkit allows us to substantially reduce production costs, which are passed on to our supporters. SpectraTone Red mouthpiece kits will normally sell for $400 to $600 each depending on configuration. We have delivered more than 5000 SpectraTone/5MM mouthpieces in the past 10 years. 

SpectraTone Mouthpieces are made in Denver, Colorado USA from brass sourced in the USA. You are welcome to visit us in person by scheduling an appointment ahead of time. We enjoy sharing the design and production process of our trumpets, mouthpieces, and accessories. 

Note to 5MM Mouthpiece owners: This SpectraTone RED series introduces an entirely new Rim, Cup, and Throat design (different from the standard and compression variations), an expanded range of rims in every diameter and SIX profiles, and two new body options exclusive to this Backerkit. All SpectraTone mouthpieces are backwards compatible with the 5MM system allowing you to adjust tone color and projection in seconds.

This campaign includes Trumpet backbore shanks only.


SpectraTone Red in Brass has been independently reviewed by more than 50 professional trumpet players worldwide in preparation for this launch. We will be releasing review videos throughout December, and we encourage you to provide a video or written review after you have received your new Red mouthpiece.

"Harrelson's artistry and precision design+manufacturing are on full display with RED. The sound is crystal clear with no unwanted noise; sizzling and laser focused, yet still large and commanding enough to fill up the room, with a beautiful, glistening ring on top. The quick response allows you to take advantage of that fat sound by speaking clearly from the very initiation of each note. Every partial feels a mile wide and totally secure, in every register you might need."

- Eric Matthews (Big Band Lead/Commercial Player)

"I thought I would never need another mouthpiece for commercial/lead work after you set me up with the 5MM I use. I was wrong. I will definitely be purchasing this piece regardless when available to add to my stable as I feel the sound output is better than my current piece. Once again, you've worked a miracle and I'm honored you chose me to perform some testing. I've never done this before and it was quite fun! I hope I've provided information that you need. Thank you so much! On a separate note, now it's time to save up for a C trumpet."

- Tim Baird (Educator and Performer)

Hello Jason!

First off I'd like to say thank you for choosing me to try out and review the new  Spectra Tone one Red mouthpiece. I got a chance to play on it for a while and the first thing I noticed was the it had a nice core sound to all around the horn. The V cup shape is not what I'm use to but fell in love with the feel of it. 
I was able to access notes clearly that I would never attempt other wise. The lower register is still clear and the high register lights up very well. To be honest it's probably the best mpc I've played on for lead, commercial, and jazz the acclimation period wasn't long at all.

I look forward to receiving my Spectra Tone Red Mouthpiece . I know my playing will go to the next level playing that piece and that horn. I can't wait to receive my Rumors Trumpet."

- Theljon Allen

"First, I usually cannot play "Lead Mouthpieces" as they are too shallow.  This mouthpiece plays very easily and I get a great sound from low to high notes without having to adjust anything. Throughout my evening of playing this mouthpiece, I did experience some squirrely high G's at the end of songs.  But I attribute that to over blowing and not the mouthpiece itself.

Monday night I had the rare chance to play Lead at my big band rehearsal.  By this point I had some time to acclimate to the mouthpiece. I was simply amazed that I played this mouthpiece all rehearsal (2:15 hours long, with no break) and felt great at the end of the rehearsal, still with the ability to play high Gs.  This is unusual for me as I do not play lead that much anymore.

What feels really good to me is that the rim/cup seems to hold everything in place perfectly all of the time.  I never felt like I was going to bottom out and my sound remained big and fat, while still being able to play softly as needed!  My keyboard player (who also plays trumpet) said, You were on fire tonight!

This is the first "Lead" style mouthpiece in many years that feels so good and doesn't back up on me after playing it for some time.

Thanks Jason!"

- Gary Greenfelder (GG Orchestra -

"I loved the way the mouthpiece sounded! The upper register has a sort of spark, and the overall blowing feels way easier. I was shocked by the difference in feel when playing. I have a jazz audition coming up here at OU, so I’m going to test it out during the audition. I definitely felt like I could play those high E’s more consistently with this mouthpiece, and I could get more volume out of all registers on it as well. I think I might get one of these mouthpieces when they release!

I’m going to ask my studio peeps to send their feedback as well. Overall, the mouthpiece is amazing and I wish I could get one sooner. The price is high, but the quality is definitely worth the money."

 -Angel Lira (University Of Oklahoma Trumpet Studio)

"Really impressed with the even blow from top to bottom, plenty of sizzle and projection up high, and great intonation. If I were to work with you in building something like this, I’d be particularly interested in dialing in rim size and cup depth just a bit more. I opted not to try to dig in any higher as it felt a bit shallow for me.

Good work on this, I’m glad I could be part of the test run with you!"

- Jason Rahn (Jason Rahn Recording Artist/ The Rahn Brothers)


The Harrelson Story

Harrelson Trumpets is a technology company. We are focused on finding solutions to both common and unique challenges by way of research and innovation. We collect data and get direct feedback from our clients to identify and address specific concerns within the subjective performance experience.

Harrelson is where musicians turn to find answers to their most important questions, often after playing and owning dozens of other instrument brands and models. We have done our homework. Read on to learn how we built this company with your needs in mind from the very first day.

Our Team

Our team is made of up of three very different individuals focused on a common goal, to create innovative solutions to brass playing challenges. 

Jennifer Sandquist began working with Harrelson Trumpets in 2001. She has an eye for beautiful design and ear for great music. She has a varied skill set from managing daily business, to running CNC machines, to laser engraving, and performing final assembly of trumpets and all accessories. Jen is likely on the other end of your chat sessions on our website. 

Christine Palmer has been with Harrelson Trumpets for 11 years, beginning as a shop assistant. Today, she manages and performs almost all final surface finishing at Harrelson while working closely with clients on mouthpiece and trumpet selection challenges. She is likely answering the phone when you call us.

Jason Harrelson, founder of Harrelson Trumpets, is an Inventor, Musician, and Musical Instrument & Product Designer based in Denver, Colorado. He has devoted over 30 years to the research and development of brass instrument design. Having built well over 2000 custom trumpets and thousands more mouthpieces for musicians around the world, he is honored to play some small part in your musical pursuits. 


We have dedicated a significant amount of time, energy, and financial investment into the launch of SpectraTone Red mouthpieces. And we want your new mouthpiece to be an amazing upgrade to your equipment. We offer a 100% manufacturing and workmanship guarantee on all Red mouthpieces. However, we will not accept returns, and encourage you to contact us directly at 303.657.2747 if you have any concerns with the acclimation process. Keep in mind, this mouthpiece is modular, allowing you to easily upgrade and adjust any component with minimal cost. We are here to serve you, so give us a call to discuss your needs, concerns, and preference. 
If you believe that this project is not in compliance with BackerKit’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, you can file a report by sending a message via this link: Report this project