Backer Survey

Raise additional funds and get accurate data after your campaign.

Automatically raise more through your backer survey.

Collect missing shipping fees, recover failed payments, and raise additional funds through pledge upgrades and add-on sales.

  • Backers can add on more items
  • Backers can upgrade pledge levels
  • Collect shipping through survey process
  • Recover failed Kickstarter payments

Gather accurate data from your backer survey.

You don’t have to comb through spreadsheets or your Kickstarter survey responses whenever a backer wants to make a change.

  • Create custom survey questions
  • Collect perfectly accurate data
  • Easily validate shipping addresses

Expertly collect up-to-date information.

Backers will have questions surrounding shipping, payments, and product variations. BackerKit provides them with powerful self-service options saving you priceless time.

Tour the BackerKit Survey

Don’t get buried in backer support.

Easy self-service options prevents a flood of questions. BackerKit handles all your front-line support needs and reviews your surveys before sending.

  • Backer self-service editing
  • Simple survey recovery
  • Dedicated front-line support
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