Tabletop Games Crowdfunding Roadmap

Hey there, we’re BackerKit. We build software and create resources to help crowdfunding creators like you get the most out of every campaign. We’ve built tools that have helped thousands of crowdfunding creators strengthen their community, get more backers, and ultimately deliver their games accurately and on time.

Over the years we’ve collaborated with thousands of crowdfunding creators of all shapes and sizes including Cephalofair Games (Frosthaven), Leder Games (Root), Exploding Kittens (Throw Throw Burrito), Wyrmwood (The Adventurer’s Arsenal), Dispel Dice (Debut Collection), and many more.

The BackerKit team is full of passionate gamers and game designers. We’re always looking forward to the next amazing game to launch. Every day we learn from our customers what it takes to get a game funded through crowdfunding. Based on what we’ve learned, we compiled the most important lessons, resources, and guides into one central spot all aimed to help you reach success. And above all, we want to play your new game. So let’s get started!

Sometimes the first steps are the hardest. Stay informed and learn about crowdfunding in our weekly newsletters, get inspiration and ask questions in our welcoming Facebook group, and start drafting a project timeline to keep yourself accountable. And it’s never too soon to sign up for a Kickstarter account and to start creating your project draft. This is the best way to get familiar with the campaign page layout and will serve as a great blueprint to help prepare you for your launch.

Getting organized and setting your expectations is a vital part of the crowdfunding process. Do your research, build a team you can trust, and become a member of the tabletop community while setting up a solid foundation to build a community of your own around your game.

When it comes to crowdfunding your game, building a strong and dedicated community is the #1 most important aspect. And it’s something that you will never stop doing once you start. Everyone starts at zero. Be consistent. Support others. And take no shortcuts.

Crafting a solid prototype of your game is a crucial step on the path to crowdfunding success. You need to be able to let your potential backers know what your game looks like and how it is played. And it’s important to have both physical and digital versions of your game out there so more people can give you the feedback you need.

This is how good games become great games. Spend a significant amount of time playtesting your game with everyone from friends & family to complete strangers. Brace yourself for both positive and negative feedback and everything in between. Be thorough, be consistent, and use this stage to make your game better and to build community along the way.

It’s time to start preparing for your crowdfunding launch. Do your research on what it takes to succeed, and have a plan for how you will share the launch with your community. It’s perfectly acceptable to delay your planned launch date until you are ready, but keep in mind, sometimes the best way to learn is to run a campaign no matter if you get funded on your first try or not.

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