Underworld - Tabletop RPG Fantasy Adventures - Inspired by Retro Video Games

Underworld - Tabletop RPG Fantasy Adventures - Inspired by Retro Video Games

These tabletop RPG fantasy adventure zines are inspired by retro video games and focus primarily on dungeon exploration. Each adventure will include a location map, monsters, stats and art, and a treasure, and are perfect for a single session of gaming!
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About Underworld

Following up on the success of the Overworld, Nightworld, Pipeworld, Roboworld, and Space Station M, Monster Manual zines, Bloat Games is excited to announce Underworld - Tabletop RPG Fantasy Adventures - Inspired by Retro Video Games.  

This crowdfunding campaign will feature 3 all new adventures!
  • BG1 - The Eagle's Crest
  • BG2 - Full Dark, No Moon
  • BG3 - Madness of the Magi 

Each adventure will be available in Print and PDF format.  The print size will be 8.5" x 5.5" staple bound, on high-quality paper stock.  Each zine is expected to be 16-24 pages, and will feature a mini-monster manual of the enemies that appear in the adventure at the end, with stats for 5E, DCC RPG, SURVIVE THIS!!, System Neutral, and Forgotten Ballad.

Each adventure will contain a location map, monsters with stats and art, and a treasure or reward for the players for completing the adventure.  Each adventure should be enough for a fun night of gaming, and perfect for running at conventions.

Here is a screenshot from Overworld - Tabletop Monster Manual Zine - by Bloat Games.  The layout for Underworld will be very similar to Overworld.
Stats shown in screenshot are 5E. This was a work in progress shot for Overworld and not a final shot.

Example shown with DCC RPG stats

About Bloat Games

Bloat Games is an indie tabletop game publisher based in Louisville, KY, U.S.A.  We are the creators of Dark Places & Demogorgons, Vigilante City, We Die Young, Play Rewind Eject, Overworld and many more. 

We have nearly a decade of experience creating and publishing games.  During this time we have ran and fulfilled 34 successful Kickstarter campaigns.


The Team

Eric Bloat - writing & layout
Josh Palmer - editing
Phil Stone - art

The project leader for Underworld is Eric Bloat, and he is fully overseeing the development, release, and delivery of this product line for Bloat Games.



Shipping will be collected after the campaign ends, when it is time for shipping to begin.  The current estimated cost for shipping is $8 to all United States addresses (Including Puerto Rico, and other outlaying areas), and $15 International Shipping.  

However, we are working to get the cost for International Shipping lowered via a third-party distributor.  We will keep you updated as to the progress of this once we have an update to share.  

Note:  International Backers will be responsible for any local taxes and associated customs fees, if any.  

Retailers, please Retail Pledge Tier for more details on your shipping.

Delivery Date

The Delivery Date for all three adventures is set for July 2024.  If you've followed our crowdfunding projects in the past you know that we often delivery early, but the promised delivery date is July 2024.  

BG1 is fully written and playtested and is awaiting layout.
BG2 is in playtest and is 50% written.
BG3 is currently just notes and ideas.  

100% of the Art is finished for all 3 adventures.  And we are waiting to commission the location maps until funds are received from this campaign.
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